couples counseling / relationship coaching

Having relationships with other people sometimes can be quite demanding. And the closer they are, the bigger the challenges seem to be.

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If you are in a relationship or single:

A relationship always is a trip and a very unique one!

On this trip we travel through different landscapes, sometimes feel a certain way and then the other way round, are happy or sick of it, satisfied or frustrated. We experience happiness and joy, disappointment and frustration, are distant or feel close.

There are parts of the path that are easy and joyful. Others might be pretty difficult and sometimes it makes sense to get external assistance.

What benefits can you expect?

Getting some assistance can ...

  • be very beneficial to facilitate developing better communication skills (even more if certain topics have been difficult already for a certain amount of time)
  • assist to realize patterns that were hidden to oneself.
  • Create clarity, with topics that might have been not clear or "on the table"
  • calm down the storm of sometimes very strong emotions
  • making visible interconnections and mechanisms in the dynamics of the couple and what effect they have (for example topics like closeness and distance, order and chaos, desire and reluctance).
    In gaining more insight and understanding it is sometimes possible to be a lot more at ease with differences in character, lifestyle, etc.
  • show what the whole thing is REALLY about
  • assistance to see the potential and encouraging to hang on and try to find new ways
  • relax with things that used to make you tense
  • find solutions that open up a new perspective
  • nurture respect and esteem

And sometimes it can be extremely helpful to get assistance when it becomes clear that a relationship will come to an end. Undigested injuries can lead to very traumatic separations with a lot of debris. If you can prevent this kind of traumatic separation, life is much easier later on and less stressful (especially if children are also affected by the separation).

You are in a relationship

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Possible challenges

  • different wants and needs
  • difficulties with communication
  • dealing with character traits and behaviour that you are in resistance with
  • frequent fights
  • jealousy
  • power games
  • separation / divorce
  • infidelity
  • boredom
  • times of change (births, children, children leaving the house, getting old)
  • feeling alone or lost
  • too little or no shared sexuality at all
  • mutual appreciation that has been lost over the time

You wish to be in a relationship

That's what it could be about

  • discover patterns that ...
    • hinder you to engage in a relationship
    • confront you with the same problems over and over again, regardless of which partner you are with
    • make relationships break up again and again
  • gain trust
  • allow closeness and intimacy
  • Let go of fears that ...
    • a relationship could be too close or painful
    • you loose your freedom when engaging
    • you might not be sufficient (any more) as a man or woman
    • you dispose of too little experience
  • to love yourself enough in order for others to be able to love you as well
  • letting go of a former love to be free for a new one

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