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when I stood in front of your door for the first time I had to gather all my courage not to turn around and run away. I was very nervous and anxious. It was very difficult to face all these questions, I would rather not hear, and give you my answers in a loud, clearl and honest manner. but with your open-mindedness, your ability to respond to my unique situation and your great commitment for my cause you have guided me throughout the last weeks and months every single moment to achieve my goal. something I will never forget is the fact that I am responsible for myself, but do not have to take responsibility for things that lie in the realm of responsibility of my wife! it is amazing how this very simple realization has changed the relationship to my wife. suddenly everything turned out to be a lot easier than before. although I do realize, that sometimes it is hard not to fall back into these old patterns. I will have to work on that! to call you was that best I did in the last few years! I'm very confident that I will not loose myself again and in case it should happen, I will remember everything that I learned with you about me, my life and my sexuality.
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You triggered something inside of me. I'm not able to define it precisely. After some wonderful sexual encounters I seem to be like another person. I feel free, a bit confused ... but in a good way. Yesterday my friend told me my facial expression has become more soft. And my husband tells me my eyes are glowing all the time.
feedback monika

Monika Streit

Why I waited for such a long time is a miracle. Weshalb ich so lange ge­war­tet habe, ist mir ein ab­so­lu­tes Rät­sel. fear? shame? inertia? Two feelings dwell in me today: A deep joy about all the steps I was able to take with my sensuality and a sadness about all these years I lost. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the empathic and sensitive way you've guided me through my process. I was able to take an enormous step
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I believe that I have never been able to talk about sexuality in such a relaxed manner in my entire life. In talking to you my feelings of shame have gotten much lesser and the breathing-teachnique again and again helps me to relax my body better. Not only when having sex, but also in stressful situations throughout every day life.
silhouette frau
To be honest: I only consulted you because of my partner. Otherwise I could have very well imagined a life without sex. There was no feeling of something lacking! But now I am really happy, because your made me remember how wonderful tenderness feels. It's too early to have sex and I do now know how far I want to got with it. But now me and my partner stroke each other without me getting stressed out.
silhouette frau
I do thank you for this wonderful treatment last monday. It still vibrates within me ... unexcited. quiet simple And it facilitates a new inner order and orientation. Before where there was "I must" and "everyone wants something from me", which made me feel cornered and had me build a wall around me, the new mantra "I do not have to do anything." has suddenly opened a new door ... I will give that a feel. And within myself I get the feeling of freedom and being able to open up my heart again ... Thanks so much!
silhouette frau


The systemic constellation enabled me to seriously engage in a relationship after all these years. All the layers, that we worked through within the process, totally make sense to me. Occasionally I was pretty speechless about all the valuable information I got through you. Thanks! In the beginning I was pretty sceptic (I did not know the method and it sounded quite crazy), but now I am seriously convinced of the systemic constellation work.
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I was basically able to let go of my aggressions since the systemic constellation work. It did not boil over as much towards my kids as it used to.
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The systemic coaching helped me to get where I wanted, in letting go of old patterns in a way that new possibilities opened up for me. For me it was a deeply moving experience, where I got to know myself better. In addition it was extremely interesting and instructive. It is a very easy and unequivocal way to get in touch with ones emotions. The method will show you where the root of the problem is.
silhouette frau
It's not like my life has changed completely, but I am able to close a chapter to move on. I was able to get things straight and clean up the mess. For me it was an incredible experience. The systemic coaching provided me with much more clarity. I was aware of the fact, that I needed to face the truth. I was honest with myself. And in doing that I was able to sort out my feelings. Subsequently I felt great peace inside of me. Since then I feel an emotional and physical lightness. I felt from the start, that you are the right person to guide me through my process. Despite my strong emotions I never felt overwhelmed or bad. You guided me with care. I am very happy to have made this experience already at the age of 24.
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I feel a lot of gratitude for this very helpful guidance during this very difficult time for us. To be honest: There was not much hope to change things for the better, since we were pretty stuck. I am well aware of the fact that we are not through with it, but I do see a light at the end of the dark tunnel. I'm glad that we could overcome our resistance to do this. And my husband, who in the beginning did not want to join me in this at all, is glad as well.
silhouette frau
Because of the situation I was in with my wife I realized I needed and wanted external help. I'm glad I chose you, because you have a very broad knowledge and skills, as well as the ability to act effectually according to the situation. Every single session was fascinating. You've got the ability to speak in beautiful and lasting images. Your words, your presence, as well as all the hours in your practice, made me feel good. Within a short time you helped me immensely to deal with a lot of questions und to find my inner truth. My wish and my goal still is to get back together with my wife.
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