Holistic sex therapy

Sexuality has great powers. Some people take it as a blessing, others as a curse. It can be a lush garden, a place of peace and relaxation, a blazing fire, a dry desert or even a debris field.

A fulfilling sexuality is rarely just there (if yes, then you're one of the lucky ones). If we devote enough attention to it, it can be a source of great pleasure!

You would like to enhance your potential

You feel, that there must be more to discover and you would like to:

  • acquire additional background knowledge
  • expand your experience through body-coa­ching (soma­tic lear­ning)
  • get to know your body better
  • enhance your expertise and skills
  • Learn more about what cultures from the east (for example Tantra) have to offer and how enrichting alls this can be for our sex life

You've got an issue or a problem ...

you would like to get support from an expert

Possible topics could be:

  • inappetence
  • feeling stressed when having sex
  • aversion, disgust
  • insensibility
  • sex addiction
  • porn addiction
  • having problems to express ones desires or talk about sex
  • transgender-topics
  • abuse issues

Why should sex therapy be holistic?

Because a satisfying sexuality is not only about techniques ...
but is linked to a whole range of other factors

For example:

  • how we have been shaped by our family of origin
  • to what socity-values we have been and still are exposed to (welchen gesell­schaft­lichen Wer­tungen wir aus­ge­setzt waren und sind (what is decent and what isn't?)
  • the condition our body is in (Are we in good health? Has the body been exposed to a lot of stress?, etc.)
  • what kind of experiences we were able to make or not make as kids, adolescents and adults
  • if we have a partner, with whom to share our sexuality
  • our capability to relax and let go
  • what connection we have to our own body

What you will find when working with me

A lot of people need quite some courage to turn to someone else for support and to talk about something as intimate as sexuality

I would like to let you know, that ...

  • most likely you are not the only one with the problem you have
  • there is (not always, but most of the times) a way to change your situation fpr the better
  • you do have my fullest respect and my esteem whatever the problem is
  • I will give my very best for you to be as relaxed as possible when tackling your issue

In our first session we will clarify what your goals are having decided where exactly you want to go, I will lay out the possibilities and decide which path is the right path for you and the most efficient one

a thorough evaluation is part of the process, since not every problem has the same origin Hence the path to reach your goal will be individuelly tailored to you

My approach

My work consists of elements from the Sexocorporel approach (institute for clinic sexology and sex therapy Zurich), as well as knowledge and about 18 years of experience with eastern approaches like Tantra und Tao. As far as I'm concernced both approaches complete each other in an extremely constructive way. I do consider Somatic body therapy as also a very useful and supportive tool within sex therapy.