Systemic Constellations

Making visible the hidden root of a problem and get out of the way whatever obstructs your path to really be yourself

"As a therapist I've been working with systemic constellations for over 17 years now and to me this method has proven to be one of the most effective ones to catalyze change, do shadow-work and is an excellent complement to body-work on several levels!"

What systemic constellations can do for you

If you have been struggling with one or some of these problems and, although you tried your best, not much really changed or you want to make the next step, then systemic constellations is an option for you:

  • having difficulties in sensing your own boundaries and/or setting them
  • the impossibility to live long-lasting relationships and really commit
  • choosing unhealthy relationships with loads of difficulties
  • having the feeling that there is no place to really feel at home
  • feeling lost, empty and filling life with things to cover that up (drugs, goods, sex, work, etc.)
  • low self-esteem
  • the difficulty to feel empathetic and compassionate
  • feelings of aggression and frustration that can be triggered by smallest events
  • not daring to ask for a proper share of whatever and leaving more to others
  • the feeling that the world is a hostile place and it's all about survival
  • strong feelings of jealousy and fear of losing a person
  • not being able to let go of the past because of feelings of resentment, hate, bad conscience, grief, etc.

Letting your light shine

What the empowerment is

Systemic constellations can be a strong catalyst for personal growth on several levels:

It can empower you to …

as a person

  1. get to know your shadows better and better, so that you will get a choice instead of just being ruled by them.
  2. get a much better understanding of different dynamics in family systems, their effect on the members of the system and how to leave the cycle of obstructing and sometimes very destructive patterns
  3. learn how to let energies, emotions and body sensations flow through your body and let them go after the work is done
  4. feel emotions or enter mindsets you have possibly never felt or been aware of, because they are not in the realm of your own history and path. This will broaden your knowledge and understanding of what humans can be like.

as a practitioner/therapist

  1. learn how to connect yourself and your clients (with their consent) to energy-fields that are supportive
  2. explore and enhance different channels to tune into your intuition and therefore being in a much better flow with your client and yourself
  3. discover what patterns might get in the way between you and a client

Leaving the cycle of destructive patterns

What the background is

One of the greatest impacts on how we are and live our lives is the way we were brought up, our family-system, our ancestors and our culture. Our ancestors have tried to deal with life as best as they could under the circumstances they were living in. Some of them did a "good" job and were empowering, some of them didn't. On a conscious level we try to take into our adult lives what was good and avoid what we considered not to be helpful, dis-empowering or destructive.

And still there might be things we just are not able to handle, because the roots of the problem lie in the unconscious and therefore cannot be dealt with.

Apart from the circumstances of our upbringing we might have suffered from other influences that have limited our capacity to enjoy life to its fullest: Deception, betrayal, abuse, losses, different forms of violence, etc.

Systemic constellations are a means to bring events in the past into correlation with the obstructive patterns in the present. They make the roots of a problem visible and, with different techniques, help to let go of the pattern and embrace new ones that are empowering.

Connect and get into the flow

How it's done

As a group and as individuals we connect to the field* that everyone is connected to. In that field we can

  • find the information/root of what has caused certain patterns within ourselves
  • connect to supportive personal or collective energies

The main goal is to free ourselves, one by one, from obstructive things out of the past to live a free and enriching life in the Now.

The method could be compared to a play, where there are different roles. The difference though is, that there is no script. It is the energy of the role (father, mother, etc.) that is manifesting itself through the person that is holding the role. These manifestations can happen through emotions, body sensations, postures, thoughts, inner pictures.

The first stage of the process is finding out what dynamics are in the system. These dynamics show where the root of the problem is. In the second stage we aim to get the system in a healthy balance again, which is done through highly effective rituals.

Once the system is in balance, new and healthier patterns are able to unfold and manifest. This may take some time (some weeks, months), but it also can be a much quicker change. In the example of Michael the change manifested within a few hours after the systemic constellation.

* Quantum Physics sees it as a big energy-net

Different settings

There are different settings possible to do the Systemic Constellations. Each of them has their advantages.

Group setting

In the group-setting the roles of the system (for example the mother, the father, other siblings, etc.) are held by other people of the group. Also the role of the person that wants to resolve his/her issue, can be held by another person, so that you can see your patterns from a certain distance.

Advantages of the group setting

as a space-holder it gives you the possibility to ...

  • watch the dynamics of a system and its impact on different people in the system
  • learn more about systemics in general

as a role-holder it gives you the possibility to ...

  • develop the skill of feeling yourself and energies better
  • directly explore different shades of human behavior, feelings and experiences that have been unknown to you so far

One-to-one setting

In the one-to-one setting the person that wants to resolve an issue stands in his/her own role. The other roles are, one after the other, held by me. Therefore I am holding a role and at the same time I am leading the systemic constellation. This has proven to be a very effective method and I use it with a lot of clients who want more privacy with their issues.

Advantages of the one-to-one setting
  • there is absolute privacy. No other people will feel or see what energies are in the system or what the problems are that you are dealing with
  • I am very experienced in connecting to the energies and sometimes this can save quite some time.


What people say ...

What people say about the method

Kate Elena

I found this constellation process a useful and fascinating way for person's core issue to be embodied and negotiated using different group members. I felt the energy of the different characters coming through strongly, and by taking part it also helped me with some personal insights about my own journey.

Kamila Lukasik

It helped me to get where I wanted to get, by removing old patterns, and clearing the way for renewed energy. I also found it extremely entertaining (despite.being a profoundly moving experience), I got to know myself better. It is a very simple, unmistaken way to get in touch with ones emotions, it also shows where the cause of the problem is, which many people have no idea about.

Woman 29, anonymous

When I was 22 I struggled with developing feelings for men. It usually ended after 2 weeks because my feelings just didn‘t develop and I usually got annoyed by them. I didn‘t like that, because in fact I was wishing to commit, but just couldn‘t figure out what the underlying problem was. So I tried out the method of systemic constellations and it turned out that a guy from my teens, with whom I had been very much in love, but had rejected me. In the process we unblocked what apparently still had been in the way to open up for a deep and fulfilling relationship. After the systemic constellation I left and didn‘t think back on it much. But then, 3 months later, I was in a committed relationship.


Since the systemic constellation my aggressions towards my children and my wife have never reached these high peaks where I hardly could control myself anymore. Of course we still do have conflicts, but in a different, much more constructive way. I was able to let go of a heavy load that was related to my mother I had never been aware of.

What people say about Nicole

Kamila Lukasik

Nicole is a calm, mature expert who knows exactly how to run a session, what to say/do in any situation. I felt I can trust her, in her professionalism.

Kate Elena

I felt that you held a safe and powerful space, with pure guidance about how to facilitate each constellation. I feel that you can hold space for big emotional releases and interpersonal drama.